Differences between measuring quality of a manufactured product and quality of a service

Vacuum cleaners must meet a minimum suction rating matching their design specifications. Unlike manufacturing industries, service industries share unique characteristics that make the process of quality control less managerial. If it's developed based on a design specification, does it possess all of the features defined.

For example, beds in hotels cannot be reserved for the high season. During her career, she has published business and technology-based articles and texts.

Writing Code When developing a program or application extensive code writing takes place and there are a lot of quality assurance and quality controls that need to be in place to ensure the program does what you want.

However, producing goods that do not meet market needs is a poor strategy. The output of a service firm, such as consultancy, training or maintenance, for example, is intangible.

Those processes would be considered quality assurance. In addition, high service quality is achieved by a service provider who does the work necessary to understand the customers' needs and engenders confidence, through attitude and expertise, that service objectives will be accomplished.

Eric Miller writes in "A Handbook for Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality" that customers expect a consistent, reliable and timely provision of service, a service provider who possesses the skills necessary to provide the service and an accessible service provider who is polite and respectful, and who communicates with the customer in a language the customer is able to comprehend.

Nordmeyer holds a Bachelor of Science in accounting, a Master of Arts in international management and a Master of Business Administration in finance. After sales, customers express their satisfaction through sales and returns.

Manufacturers produce goods for stock, with inventory levels aligned to forecasts of market demand. Manufacturing and service industries are different in their operations processes, customers, and product features Chase, Aquilano, and Jacobs However, in practice, service and manufacturing organizations share many characteristics.

Parts and sub-assemblies are measured by inspectors for size and performance before assembly into automobiles, for example.


As a result, service quality is difficult to measure and depends upon the perception of customers. These specifications may include customer business requirements and performance, technical and regulatory requirements.

Factors that influence customer satisfaction can be considered in advance during the design and production stages.

Five Differences Between Service and Manufacturing Organizations

In manufacturing industries, customers directly influence product specifications. Several features, including the intangible nature of the output and the inability to store the output, affect the operations of service companies.

If they only lasted a little longer or came in different colors, TQM protocols allow you to apply fact-based customer responses to building a better product for a greater profit ISO The International Organization for Standards develops standards worldwide.

Customer Demands Service firms do not produce a service unless a customer requires it, although they design and develop the scope and content of services in advance of any orders. (TCO A) Explain the differences between measuring quality of a manufactured product and quality of a service.

This answer must be in your own words—significant cut and paste from the text or other sources is not acceptable%(). Service – which is “any primary or complementary activity that does not directly product a physical product – that is, the non-goods part of the transaction between buyer (customer) and seller (provider)”represents the dominant sector of the U.S.

economy today%(97).

Five Differences Between Service and Manufacturing Organizations

Service Quality specifications vs. Service delivery Managers know what customers expect and developed product/services and services to deliver it but employees are unable or unwilling to deliver the service. The Differences Between Measuring the Quality of a Manufactured Product and the Quality of a Service by Billie Nordmeyer Progressive customer service aids repeat sales and word-of-mouth advertising.

Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control

-designing quality characteristics into a product or service Ex: A Mercedes and a Ford are equally "fit for use," but with different design dimensions. Dimensions of Quality: Manufactured Products. Measuring service quality in practice requires quantifying intangible performance, so "qualitative" is, to a degree, a misnomer.

However, many symptoms of service quality can .

Differences between measuring quality of a manufactured product and quality of a service
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What is the differences between product quality and service quality