Diplomatic relations between pakistan and iran

Relations between Iran and Pakistan improved after the removal of the Taliban inbut tensions remain. Sherpao explained his support for the raid by stating that no country should permit its territory to be used for hostile acts against another sovereign state.

Iran–Pakistan relations

Iranian authorities reacted warmly to news of the raid, which targeted a militant Iranian exile group hostile to the Islamic Republic. Iran was an important factor in the overthrow of the Taliban and has since helped revive Afghanistan's economy and infrastructure.

Many in Afghanistan celebrate Nowruza pre-Islamic Iranian spring celebration celebrated in many countries and regions in the world, of which the main representative is Balkh a province in the north of Afghanistan. Ashfaq Hassan Khan, a former economic advisor in Pakistan, insisted that while economic ties between Iran and Pakistan should expand at all levels, cooperation in the energy sector is vital for Pakistan.

Mirza and Larijani issued a joint statement calling for the expansion of ties between Pakistan and Iran in the political, economic, and cultural spheres. Diplomatic relations[ edit ] Map showing the Helmand River drainage basin.

Iran also indicated that it was considering an embargo on oil supplies to India for the duration of the fighting. The Indian government was under pressure by the United States against the IPI pipeline project, and appears to have heeded American policy after India and the United States proceeded to sign the nuclear deal.

Toward Stronger Economic Relations Between Pakistan and Iran

The breakup of Pakistan in December convinced Iran that extraordinary effort was needed to protect the stability and territorial integrity of its eastern flank. At the time being, a number of senior members of the Taliban leaders are living in Iran", adding that "[t]he bodies of Taliban fighters killed in recent clashes were delivered to their families in Iran".

Trade between the two nations has increased dramatically since the overthrow of the Taliban government in late In addition, the international sanctions on Iran due to its controversial nuclear program could also become a factor in derailing IPI pipeline project altogether.

After all, the Taliban were a source of sectarian violence and a major source of tension in the Iran-Pakistan relationship.

Pakistan-Iran Foreign Relations

Bilateral and Multilateral visits in the late s[ edit ] InPrime Minister Benazir Bhutto paid a state visit to Iran to lay the groundwork for a memorandum on energy, and begin work on an Energy security agreement between the two countries.

Pakistan had wished to forment an 'Islamic Revolution' which would transcend national borders covering Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia.

According to the minister, "the Pakistani government is expected to live up to its promises and take more serious measures to stem the terrorist and evil activities. Finally, this paper will conclude by analyzing trends in the relationship over the years and making projections about what future diplomacy between Iran and Pakistan could entail.

According to Director of Pakistan Railways Shafiqullah Khan, Islamabad and Tehran are seeking outside credit to resolve differences in rail gauge in order to regularize rail service between the two.

Since then, despite political turmoil, external influences, and the obvious Shia-Sunni divide, the bilateral relations between the two countries have followed an uncertain, but cooperative path. The ministers also raised Iranian concerns regarding the expanded presence of US forces in Afghanistan.

Iran considers northern and western Afghanistan as its sphere of influence since its population is Persian Dari speaking. In Junethe Pakistani government officially congratulated Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on his re-election.

Khan further expressed his view that the planned Iran-Pakistan pipeline would likely greatly benefit both countries. As we will see, this sectarian divide will come to define many aspects of the Iran-Pakistan relationship.

We consider their issue to be extremely important and will stand by you. Energy sector has been identified as a strategic area of their future relationship in which interests of India and Iran complement each other.

Iranians certainly view as making life more difficult for us if Afghanistan is unstable. Several events under this platform are being organized by the [Pakistani in Iran] and Iranian authorities under the title of KarafarinShow in Iran, Pakistan and Turkey.

Iran has developed deep economic and political ties with Pakistan, an ally of the United States and a nuclear neighbor. The Foreign Minister of Pakistan is the official charged with state-to-state diplomacy, although the Prime minister maintains an ultimate authority over foreign policy.

The warming up of the relations between Russia and Pakistan started only recently. A visible tilt could be witnessed in the foreign policy of Russia towards Pakistan for some time now where Russia has been focusing Indo-Iran diplomatic relations gained a new dimension when the former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami visited India as.

Afghanistan–Iran relations

Sep 11,  · In order to better understand the history of this relationship, this research paper will investigate the diplomatic relations between Iran and Pakistan since the Iranian Revolution of First, this paper will provide some background on the relationship, starting with Pakistan’s creation in.

Pakistan-Iran Foreign Relations Sharif noted that “deep, friendly relations exist between Pakistan and Iran and it is the need of the hour that socio-economic cooperation should be promoted.” Diplomatic/Military Relationship: Iran has developed deep economic and political ties with Pakistan, an ally of the United States and a.

Foreign relations of Pakistan.

Foreign relations of Pakistan

Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Pakistan's relations with Iran have been strained at times due to sectarian tensions. A Protocol for the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan was signed on May 10, Iran has a special place in Pakistan’s history: they were the first country to recognize Pakistan after the partition of the Indian subcontinent in Since then, despite political turmoil, external influences, and the obvious Shia-Sunni divide, the bilateral relations between the two countries have followed an uncertain, but cooperative path.

Diplomatic relations The mujahideen were made up of various groups that were trained by Pakistan and the West.

In the wake of the Iranian revolution and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Iranian consulate in Afghanistan closed, as did the Afghan consulate in Iran.

as did the Afghan consulate in Iran. Relations between Afghanistan.

Diplomatic relations between pakistan and iran
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