Meethi and vishnu love scenes

Then I surely wont call. Meethi looks at Akash. Yet I cant understand who that person would be. She asks why to listen to you…with what right are you saying all this. My job was to tell you, the rest is up to you. Mukta takes her and sits with her on the bed… asks her to explain what she means.

But things may no longer remain a secret. Honestly, Tappu has a golden heart… when she was angry she could create havoc and those she loves, she wants to get the moon and stars for her. Will Meethi realise Vishnu has tricked her into marriage.

Now, we wonder if Meethi will try and run away again after learning the truth about her new family or will she try changing their mindset. Veer says, thank you.

Gunwanti at a place and the other person says, why are you here so suddenly. Next morning, Akash is cleaning.

Mrunal's topless avtar in Uttaran!

Jogi looks at Akash who lowers his eyes. Maiyya stops Gomti and asks her to call Nirbhaya here. Kasha says, the doctors said maybe Daddaji himself removed the mask at night… and then he left us. April 4, She denies why should I.

A photographer present there is clicking the pics. Meethi shows everyone what Nirbhaya has done to Kajri. Meethi comes closer to him and asks if you remember so much, then what do you plan to do. Damini says Meethi too must feel this way.

Now my only selfish reason is the betterment of this house, this family. Nirbhaya tries to say something but Mama slaps him leaving everybody shocked. Meethi replies because she loves him and can do anything for him.

boliyan plays in the background as Meethi recalls how they had met and fell in love & smiles. Downstairs, Maiyya stops Akash. She applauds his acting skills and says that even she thought for a second that he has actually fallen in love with Meethi.

Sep 21,  · While society cannot separate the two, love, does just that. Veer, whose marriage proposal was initially rejected by Tapasya, falls in love Ichcha, and that is. Episode starts with Meethi/Vishnu in the temple.

Meethi asks him how many times he has seen Sholay. He says 50 times. Meethi says, do you remember only Sholay scenes or something else? He says, I remember everything.

Uttaran: Will Meethi realise Vishnu has tricked her into marriage?

Every moment between us. Shopping mall. It's Mukta and Vishnu's engagement in the TV show 'Uttaran'.

Uttaran: Will Meethi realise Vishnu has tricked her into marriage?

Akash has also come to greet the couple and here he encounters Meethi. Watch. A guy named Vishnu enters into Meethi's life and gains everyones love and respect. Vishnu and Meethi become very good friends and soon their friendship turns into love. Vishnu also makes Meethi understand that she shouldn't hate her mother because whatever she is doing is for Meethi's own good.

After Vishnu and Mukta, Meethi to confess her love for Akash in Colors' Uttaran

Dec 02,  · In Colors TV's popular show "Uttaran", Mukta has finally got married to her love Vishnu, who, initially got married to Meethi. Watch out here in the scene shoot.

Meethi and vishnu love scenes
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