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The Attends core technology truly focusses on fast acquisition and absorption where it is really needed: An incontinence management plan will usually include several of: This fact sheet is designed to help carers look after someone with a continence problem, and what they can do to help resolve or manage it better.

We do not sell a product to anyone who does not have a genuine need and will always try to find the most suitable product to meet with those of the individual.

Attends Heavy Users Pass large amounts of urine.


Home Continence Care Incontinence Products Around one in five adults over the age of 40 suffer from Adult Incontinence in one form or another. This is also the reason why Attends products in general are small and really thin: It is not just a problem for older people or people with disability, though people from these two groups are at greater risk of becoming incontinent.

DiscreetAttends products are designed to give the greatest level of discretion. One in three women who have had a baby experience loss of bladder control. Contact us today on to learn more about incontinence products or come and visit our Harrogate showroom Continence Care Showing 1—12 of 70 results 1.

Combined, this prevents the occurrence of unpleasant smells. There are a number of different types of incontinence and management of each of these different types varies.

Another important aspect of discretion is the use of colours and prints. The images show products, designed to give the same level of protection for urinary incontinence.

Attends Heavy Users Pass large amounts of urine.

Bed & Chair Protection

The combination of design, choice of materials and Natural Odour Protection makes up to the Attends promise of discretion. They will want to know Your GP may then refer on to a continence advisor to help with practical advice and management options.

The images show products, designed to give the same level of protection for urinary incontinence. Treatment for incontinence and continence problems If you have incontinence or continence problems, you should seek help.

Waterproof Bedding. When you have patients in your care with incontinence issues, then Bed & Chair Protection is a good investment. We have a range of Waterproof Bedding and incontinence chair protection.

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Bed & Chair Protection

Booster Pad. Adds absorbency to disposable briefs and undergarments for extended protection. Ultra-thin technology improves dryness with super absorbent polymer.

Adhesive strip keeps liner in place. Continence Care At least three million people in the UK suffer from incontinence and it is a common issue for those who are in care. Badly treated incontinence can lead to bad skin and irritation.

for Incontinence pads, diapers and pull-ups buy online or gain helpful advice and information online. B&M supplies – Mobility & Nursing & Care Home Supplier North. DISPOSABLE PADS, PANTS and LINERS REUSABLE PRODUCTS Products; Hire; Servicing; Contact Us; My Account; Company Details.

most protection and that you can rely on with confidence. Your mobility There is a vast range of products and one that is just right for you. Think about your habits cover some costs of continence products. The Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS) may be able to help.

You can find out if.

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