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Please contact us for more information. However, many NGOs in India have come under the red scanner and their functioning have to be seen with suspicion. The defining activity of campaigning NGOs is holding demonstrations.

They are democratic and open to all those wishing to become member of the organization voluntarily and serve the society. We seek to mobilize the expertise, capacity and knowledge of NGOs in a wide variety of ways to achieve our development objectives, contribute to host government and national priorities, and advance community development.

It is said that even Mahatma Gandhi after attaining independence wanted Indian National congress to be transformed into a Public service organization. NGOs in India are playing the role of a moderator, whose incredible endeavors are bringing direct changes in the lives of the people they are the hopes of the unprivileged people and the underdeveloped sections of the society, there are many areas particularly in the slums and remote areas where the poor people regularly get various aids, facilities and help; given by these organization.

The members of Track II diplomacy usually have more freedom to exchange ideas and come up with compromises on their own. Developing skills and giving training programs are also among the prime functions of NGOs in the country. Women are forced to work as housewife and denied participation in gainful economic activities outside homes.

However, the need for international volunteers remains, and will for many, many years to come. We do this through well-planned and comprehensive programs in health, rehabilitation, corrective surgeries and helping aid distribution making us the best charity organization in India.

Nation building is a process that demands security, conformity, balance and prosperity of the people of the country; although India is a developing nation and gradually progressing but the undeveloped and unprivileged sections of the society cannot be ignored at all. NGO have a long history in India.

Development does not only mean economic development but also includes promoting social equality, gender equality, improving quality of life etc. On the heels of the report, the Canadian government launched the Responsibility to Protect R2P [47] project, outlining the issue of humanitarian intervention.

Any application for the registration of a multi-state cooperative society, of which all the members are individuals, should be signed by at least fifty persons from each of the states concerned.

The amount of money that each requires varies depending upon multiple factors, including the size of the operation and the extent of the services provided. It is the duty of the civilized and educated citizens of the country to support the genuine organizations and not to get fooled by the unworthy and fake ones.

Voluntary organizations, working at both national and international levels, have earned praise for their services in societal development. The report has brought the discussions and debates about NGOs accountability into fore. The primary purpose of an Advocacy NGO is to defend or promote a specific cause.

In Afghanistan, a local organization funded through the Cooperative Development Program developed an approach to thrift cooperatives to expand access to credit and savings products. History of NGOs in India: A significant growth of NGOs started after India achieved independence. Our Indian society has been plagued with many social complications such as; Social crimes, prostitution, juvenile crimes, female feticide, domestic violence, child labor, child and women trafficking, disabilities, discrimination and etc.

In case of a society of which members are cooperative societies, it should be signed by duly authorised representative of at least five such societies registered in different states.

They must maintain a large informed network of supporters who can be mobilized for events to garner media attention and influence policy changes. Trade unions[ edit ] Trade union means any combination, whether temporary or permanent, formed primarily for the purpose of regulating the relations between workmen and employers or between workmen and workmen or between employers and employers, or for imposing restrictive conditions on the conduct of any trade or business, and includes any federation of two or more Trade Unions.

In fine, the NGOs working with enhanced accountability, by providing alternative solutions to the development, in collaboration with the government and market which is the need of the hour would further strengthen the development process in India. DESIRE Society is a NGO working for HIV/AIDS Infected Affected Children in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore, Karnataka and Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India.

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Owing to this, in the eighth five-year plan, more importance to NGOs for rural development in India had been given.

Under this scheme, a nation-wide NGO network had been created. TERI - The Energy and Resources Institute: is a not-for-profit, policy research organization - working in the fields of energy, environment, and sustainable development. HelpAge (NGO India) - A leading Non Profit Organization in India caring for disadvantaged elderly senior citizens for more than three decades.

know more about our services such as Social Work for Elderly, Senior Care, Elderly Care and Help Poor Elderly in India on

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