The role of global english and its positive and negative aspects to native languages

If we are to reflect upon the credit and debit sides of the process, we would realize that whatever advantages have come out of it, they are to a large extent accompanied with unintended effects of a process the basic motivation of which is the expansion of market economies, the accumulation of wealth and the maximization of profits.

Negative Politeness

They also need to understand nonverbal language and the use of personal space. They thought, with the rapid growth of world economy and the vast development of productive technology associated with the process of globalization terrible features of our globe would be eradicated or remarkably reduced.

No one can deny the beauty of Michelangelo's brushwork or the brilliance of Shakespeare's verse. As your newcomers' listening and oral language skills start to develop, they will be able to add more challenging activities to their repertoire and the context and social cues for these interactions will be reduced.

Is the Global Spread of English Good or Bad?

Jennifer Lindsay in his book entitled 'Cultural Policy And The Performing Arts In South-East Asia', reveals the cultural policies in Southeast Asia today effectively change and ruin the traditional performing arts, either through interference, excessive handlingpolicies without direction, and no attention is paid to the government's cultural policies or cultural context.

The teacher became even more upset when Vadim's parents did not take the infraction seriously.

On Apologising in Negative and Positive Politeness Cultures

Arts of Indonesia which has the force of various local ethnic groups also can not escape the influence of this cultural contact. English language learners who are in the beginning stages are able to handle the following tasks: Why didn't you do your homework, Carlota. In Renaissance times, Europeans were not the only ones accomplishing great things.

The norms contained in the Indonesian culture slowly began to fade.

The factors that influence the acquisition of a second language

Mitigating the risk of offense Conveying information to someone directly can risk offense, especially in the absence of a request for it. CALP includes language for formal academic learning and for written texts in content areas such as English literature, math, science, and social studies.

Piracy is also reinforced by this process. Howevermobiles have become an amazing gadget and it reaches in every human's pocket to communicate. The words are spread through the TV media in films, commercials and soap operas simultaneously with the scattered lifestyle and fashion.

It is much more beneficial for children to hear fluent native language with a rich vocabulary than it is to hear imperfect, halting English. It may be that such phenomena are not only experienced by traditional Javanese arts, but also in a variety of expressions of traditional arts in various places in Indonesia.

Radicalists, on the other hand, argue that the process is not without great benefits to all peoples; its effects may reach all spots of the earth.

Thirdlyin global world english language has become important part to make in every field and nowadays people who know Englishthey are easily getting career opportunity in home country and overseas due to English language On the other handsome people say that english has become global language and it has a lot of adverse effect on other culture and countries.

Burns-Paterson decided to set realistic expectations for routine social exchanges in the classroom.

The Benefits of Multilingualism

Arena makes an everyday classroom routine a valuable lesson in social interaction and small talk. As you read the statements below, decide whether you think they are true or false. The Concept of Globalization Globalization is an ambiguous term. Its so obvious that English is the most used language around the world.

Of course, there's Spanish, but in America wherever you go and socialize everyone is speaking English.

Its not like saying English should be the native language in Mexico. “If teachers allow native languages to be used in English classrooms, student opportunities to concretely on the positive and the negative aspects of creating an ‘English - only nation’ Accordingly, Sarlota () has highlighted the role of English as a global language in Europe, due to its multiple functions i.e.

a mother tongue. ‘Global’ English is a project to establish English as the language of neoliberal empire serviced by global finance whatever the consequences for other cultures and languages. Kirari, yes, I would agree with the overall thrust of what you’re saying: that being a native English speaker means greater (or at least different) barriers to naturalistic second language learning via immersion in the host culture/language.

Early in the 20th century when immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe was at its peak, many old stock Americans sought to preserve the traditional image of the country as primarily composed of descendants from Northwest Europe, especially of English Protestant stock (Baltzell ). Approx.

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Speaking a second language may change how you see the world The role of global english and its positive and negative aspects to native languages
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